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Residential real estate problems when buying a condo

Purchasing a home can be an exciting step for a potential Louisiana homeowner, but there are many reasons why it is prudent to be thoughtful and careful when moving forward. This is especially important when buying a condo. This type of residential real estate purchase may be the right move for some people, but there are specific problems that could cause a buyer problems.

Avoiding commercial litigation through well-written contracts

Louisiana business owners understand the value and importance of good business contracts. When written well, these agreements can provide legal protection in a variety of business transactions. Poorly written, nonspecific or confusing contracts can expose a business to the possibility of commercial litigation, which is one of the risks of using pre-made contracts.

How to protect yourself when a dog attacks

Dogs are most often docile and submissive. While all breeds have different personalities, if treated well, they love to play, cuddle and just enjoy life – with their owners. Unless the animal knows you, be cautious, but not frightened or aggressive toward it. Animals won’t often attack humans unless provoked. If they feel threatened or their territory is crossed, they can become aggressive and sometimes violent.

Think about these things before you sign a commercial lease

A commercial real estate location that will work for your Louisiana company and fits in your budget is hard to find. Once you find the right place for your business, it can be tempting to simply sign the purchase agreement or lease contract, and move forward as quickly as possible. Before you do this, however, it is smart to think carefully about a few factors. 

Improving car safety can reduce rate of personal injury incidents

Every year in Louisiana, people suffer serious injuries or even die as a result of a vehicle backing over them. Sadly, many victims of these types of personal injury incidents are children. Kids are much less likely to be able to notice a vehicle moving, and drivers are not always able to see what is behind them. It's a dangerous and potentially catastrophic combination. 

Commercial real estate issues specific to the brewing industry

Craft brewing is exceptionally popular, and many of these companies have opened up across the country, including in Louisiana. With the growing number of breweries opening up and more budding entrepreneurs looking to turn their beer hobby into a career, it is clear that there are a few property issues that are specific to this industry. Commercial real estate matters for breweries can be complicated, and a business owner will want to do his or her research before moving forward.