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Commercial real estate issues specific to the brewing industry

Craft brewing is exceptionally popular, and many of these companies have opened up across the country, including in Louisiana. With the growing number of breweries opening up and more budding entrepreneurs looking to turn their beer hobby into a career, it is clear that there are a few property issues that are specific to this industry. Commercial real estate matters for breweries can be complicated, and a business owner will want to do his or her research before moving forward. 

One important factor for a brewing company to consider is the amount of rent stipulated in a lease. Many business owners overlook the necessity of negotiating on future rent increases and capping the amount they may have to pay during the life of the lease. A lease may also need to include terms for potential expansion on the building or renovations to the space in order to accommodate equipment and future company growth

Zoning laws are another factor that can directly impact a Louisiana brewing company’s operations. Zoning designations can be complex for a brewery or brewpub because it’s possible to operate out of many different types of buildings. An owner may need legal guidance when choosing the most appropriate space for his or her business.

Commercial real estate issues can be costly and stressful for a new company. A business owner will want to make choices that are smart and reduce the chance of complications in the future. An assessment of the individual situation can reveal what option is best or how an owner can achieve his or her goals for a successful brewery.