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Improving car safety can reduce rate of personal injury incidents

Every year in Louisiana, people suffer serious injuries or even die as a result of a vehicle backing over them. Sadly, many victims of these types of personal injury incidents are children. Kids are much less likely to be able to notice a vehicle moving, and drivers are not always able to see what is behind them. It’s a dangerous and potentially catastrophic combination. 

In order to lower the risk of back-up accidents, automakers have started including back-up cameras in newer vehicles. In fact, legislation was passed last year that now requires all manufacturers to include cameras in cars or trucks that weigh more than 10,000 pounds. The hope is that improving vehicle safety will reduce the number of accidents and make Louisiana roads safer for everyone. 

One reason that many back-up accidents happen is because a driver does not look or is distracted at the time. However, even the most attentive driver can cause harm to another person if he or she cannot see what’s behind the vehicle. Cameras are intended to reduce blind spots, with some of them providing wide angles that allow drivers to see in all directions. People who have cars that did not originally come with a back-up camera can have them installed. 

Car safety is a key component in reducing the number of personal injury incidents. No matter what kind of car a person drives, he or she is accountable for choices made while behind the wheel, even if just backing out of a driveway or moving out of a parking space. Victims have the right to seek an understanding of the legal options available to them.