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Rain increases chances of fatal personal injury incidents

When Louisiana weather is bad, the chances of a car accident increase significantly. Accidents are more likely in the rain, and recent studies indicate that even small amounts of rain increase the chance of fatal personal injury incidents. Drivers often underestimate the danger of driving recklessly in the rain. 

A recent study indicates that the chance of a fatal car accident increases by as much as 34% when it is raining. The chance of a fatal accident increases by as much as 27% in even light rain or short rain showers. This means that even small amounts of rain should be taken seriously, and drivers should exercise caution even if it is only sprinkling. 

The right way to negotiate a lease for commercial real estate

There are many challenges to owning and operating a Louisiana restaurant. One of the most significant challenges is finding an optimal space for the restaurant. It's not always easy to find the right commercial real estate, and it's important to ensure that the terms of the lease are fair and reasonable for the duration of the contract.

One important thing for restaurant owners to consider when negotiating a lease is to ensure that the site and building will truly suit the needs of the business. In order to do this, an owner has to look beyond the exterior and do research about the neighborhood and other important factors. It's also critical to negotiate a reasonable rent amount, making sure that potential rent increases and other factors are included in the lease terms in order to avoid future complications

Personal injury incidents and the likelihood of brain injuries

Brain injuries are some of the most common injuries people suffer after serious car accidents, but there is still much to learn about traumatic brain injuries, how to prevent them and how they affect people. While there is a lot of study on TBIs, most of that research is not related to brain injuries caused by auto accidents. A significant number of personal injury incidents and ER visits for head injuries stem from types of motor vehicle collisions.

TBIs are responsible for approximately 30% of all injury deaths in the United States. The proper diagnosis and prompt treatment of these injuries is critical, and it can make a significant difference in how a Louisiana victim recovers and whether the TBI will result in long-term damage. Every brain injury is different, and due to the unique nature of these injuries, each person who may have suffered a head injury would be wise to seek medical attention.

The importance of parents role-modeling safe driving habits

It appears everyone everywhere is on their cell phones-- in line at the grocery store, walking down the street, elevators, and more. Kids are growing up in a society that is fixated with their phones and the many apps, social sites, texting, and photos at their disposal. Not only do many kids have the bad habit of cell phone addiction, but the parents as well.

Parents who are constantly on their phones are ignoring the presence of their children. And when children grow up, they often copy the behavior their parents modeled—whether good or bad. This applies to driving behavior as well. Parents who are on their phones while driving are sending their kids the wrong message about acceptable driving practices.

Why are pit bulls considered dangerous?

Dogs have the potential to be loveable creatures or fierce attackers depending on the situation. Most of the time, dogs are trained and have spent a considerable amount of time with their owners. However, some dogs have more of an inclination to display unyielding aggression than others.

Pit bulls have a historically bad reputation along with other breeds, such as: rottweilers, German shepherds, and doberman pinschers. Headlines of dog bites often cite pit bulls as the culprit on many occasions. Young children and unsuspecting adults may become the latest victim of a serious dog bite injury.

Distraction is a leading cause of personal injury accidents

Distracted driving is a serious problem on Louisiana roads and across the country. Despite the fact that most people are aware of the serious nature of this form of negligence and the potential personal injury incidents it can cause, many still allow themselves to become distracted while driving. Even one moment of distraction can result in car accidents that can leave victims with grave or fatal injuries. 

A recent poll asked Americans about their driving habits and what they believed was the most serious threat on the road. According to the poll, around 55 percent of drivers believe that distracted driving is the main safety concern on the road. These people placed it higher than drunk driving, aggressive driving and driving at excessive speeds. The most common source of distraction behind the wheel is the use of cellphones.

Considerations before making a residential real estate purchase

Making the choice to buy a home is an exciting time for a Louisiana family. However there is more to this process than simply finding a suitable home for a reasonable price and making an offer. Making a residential real estate purchase is a significant legal and financial decision, and it is prudent to be thoughtful and careful before moving forward.

Preparation can significantly reduce the chance of complications during the transaction process. One step is to gather necessary financial documents and start exploring options for mortgages. Approval for a loan depends on providing documentation that gives a clear picture of a person's financial health. Examples of what might be important include tax returns, pay stubs and statements from bank accounts.

Reducing personal injury incidents involving motorcycles

Motorcycles have the right to share the road with other types of vehicles, but unfortunately, not every Louisiana motorist has the same perspective. Whether it is through reckless driving, distraction or speeding, the actions of drivers can have a direct impact on the personal safety and well-being of a biker. When drivers do not make good decisions or do not respect motorcycles, it can result in serious or fatal personal injury incidents.

A significant number of motorcycle accidents take place at intersections. This may be because drivers sometimes find it difficult to perceive how close a bike is or how fast the motorcycle may be traveling, or perhaps a driver is simply not paying attention. Some drivers think that bikers are reckless and dangerous, but statistics indicate that the majority of motorcycle accidents happen because of the actions of drivers of enclosed vehicles, not those on bikes. 

Personal injury claim may be option for dog bite victims

A dog bite can leave a child with physical injuries and emotional trauma that can affect him or her for a long time. It is important to know what to do in the event of an animal attack. In some circumstances, victims of these types of incidents in Louisiana have grounds to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. 

While a stray dog or new animal may bite without warning, many dog bites happen with animals that are familiar to the children. In some cases, dogs demonstrate certain behaviors that could indicate they are distressed and may lash out. This includes yawning excessively, licking their lips repeatedly, trying to escape human contact or growling. Recognizing these signs can go a long way in helping to avoid a serious injury.

The financial cost of residential real estate mistakes

A home purchase is one of the most significant financial and legal decisions a person will make in his or her lifetime. This is an exciting step for many, but allowing emotions and excitement to be the reason a person makes a residential real estate decision is a mistake. It is important for a potential buyer in Louisiana to think about not just what he or she wants today, but also how those choices could impact future interests. 

One important consideration for a person buying a house is to think about the debt he or she has and how that affects financial capabilities. If a person has student loans and a car loan, taking on more debt in a mortgage may not be a wise decision. Any potential buyer has to think about these things, as well as costs like home insurance, taxes and other various expenses associated with homeownership.