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Reckless behavior leads to fatal personal injury incident

A driver who needlessly endangers someone through reckless choices is typically financially responsible for serious or fatal injuries that result. Recently, a fatal personal injury incident occurred when two brothers decided to drag race on a Louisiana street. One ended up crashing into the other, and the collision also took the life of an innocent bicyclist who happened to be in the area.

One of the drivers died in the crash, too. After the impact, the cars veered off the road where they hit a power pole and also struck the victim on the bicycle. The tragic consequences of the decision to speed and drive recklessly will be felt by two different families. There is no excuse for drag racing on any road, no matter the time of day or how many other vehicles are on the road.

Considerations for investors buying residential real estate

Buying real estate is a major financial investment, and it's in the interests of the buyer to be certain before moving forward with this type of transaction. When considering a residential real estate purchase, there are certain things a buyer may want to consider in order to avoid potentially expensive complications down the road. Investors buying property in Louisiana always assume some risk, but doing research and proceeding cautiously can limit exposure.

One of the most important considerations for a person looking to invest in real estate is to know ahead of time how the property will be used. Will the investor rent the property, or will it be used as a personal residence? Will the investor flip the property or use it as commercial space. The purpose behind the purchase should be clear from the very beginning.

Is the seller of your dream home trying to back out of the deal?

Buying a home can be an exciting but stressful experience. You may have enjoyed the adventure of trying to come across the perfect home at first, but after the weeks went by, you may have become more frustrated by not finding the home of your dreams. Then, just as you wanted to give up hope, you found the home you wanted.

Everything seemed to go well at first. You found the home, went through the various necessary pre-sale details and were ready to start the closing process. However, a call from your real estate agent informed you that the seller wanted to back out of the deal. Is that possible?

Is it time to invest in residential real estate?

While most people buy homes in Louisiana for residential purposes, others may buy them for investment reasons. Buying residential real estate is often a profitable way to invest and protect money, but a potential investor will find it beneficial to do sufficient research before putting up a significant amount of money. Like with any type of investment plan, there is a certain amount of risk involved with this.

The start of a new year is a good time to move forward with pursuing certain financial goals, and buying residential real estate may be at the top of a person's list. Right now, it is a buyer's market, which is positive news for an investor. However, it may also mean that there is more competition for certain types of homes. Another important factor for consideration is the impact that politics on a local, national and worldwide scale could have on the economy. Economic shifts can make it difficult to get a solid return on an investment.

Changing the way people talk about personal injury incidents

People often refer to collisions involving motor vehicles as accidents. Car accidents happen for many reasons, but there are some who believe that using the word accident is problematic. Some safety advocates believe that people should instead use the term traffic violence instead. There may be some reason to believe that changing the way people talk about personal injury incidents can actually lead to safer roads.

In Louisiana, most accidents are not intentional. However, a person is still responsible for the choices he or she makes behind the wheel. Texting, talking on the phone, speeding or driving recklessly are all deliberate choices a person makes, and they all significantly increase the chance of an accident. There are some that argue that making these choices and ultimately causing an accident that leaves another person with injuries is an act of violence.

Speeding and the increased chance of a personal injury incident

When a Louisiana driver is operating a vehicle, that person is responsible for making safe choices. This includes driving according to the speed limit and following traffic laws. When a person is speeding, there is a significantly increased chance of a personal injury incident that could cause harm to others. Speeding is common, and people overlook the risk associated with this type of dangerous behavior. 

In the United States each year, approximately 36,000 people lose their lives in accidents caused by speeding. This number is significantly higher than those associated with aviation accidents, yet traffic fatalities don't get the same amount of recognition. One way to make the roads safer for everyone is to slow down and abide by the speed limit. This action alone can reduce the overall number of accidents.

Safety features in cars may lead to personal injury incidents

A recent study found that many of the features that come in newer vehicles may actually lead to a higher chance of car accident. This is because drivers who use things like automatic braking and adaptive cruise control may have a false sense of security about their likelihood of being involved in a personal injury incident. Studies find that these drivers are twice as likely to engage in distracted behavior while behind the wheel. 

In fact, the more comfortable a Louisiana driver becomes with these features, the more likely it is he or she will become comfortable with dangerous habits behind the wheel. Texting and other forms of phone use are the common types of distracted driving, but other risky actions can include talking with a passenger, adjusting the radio, eating or taking eyes off the road for any reason. Even with safety features engaged, one moment of distraction can have devastating consequences.

Preparing to make a residential real estate purchase in 2020

Buying a home is a major decision, and making the wrong choice can result in financial and legal complications for years down the road. This is why many Louisiana homebuyers who are considering a residential real estate purchase in 2020 will find it beneficial to be prepared. Looking ahead and taking the time to get ready for the buying process can help a person avoid problems and reach goals faster.

One thing to keep in mind is that there will be more competition when buying a home after the New Year. More people are expected to buy homes, with many millennials deciding to finally buy instead of rent. Estimates suggest that over the next three years, over 700,000 new mortgages will be taken out. This jump is expected even with a limited number of starter homes on the market.

Fight for the full amount of damages you deserve after a crash

After an accident, you may find yourself surprised by all the ways your car accident can impact your life. Your injuries are painful, and you may even need extensive medical care, but there may be no way you can afford the care you need on your own. In addition to your medical bills, you may need to fix your car and pay for other things, but you may also find you are unable to work for a period of time.

The consequences of a car accident can be both expensive and extensive. You may find yourself suffering in more ways than those just involving your finances. The mental trauma and emotional duress of an accident can also be significant, and even though you can't really put a price tag on those things, you can seek reasonable damages for them. 

Personal injury incidents due to distracted driving a major issue

Driving down the road, a Louisiana driver could probably point out drivers who are not paying complete attention to what they are doing. Distracted driving remains a personal injury risk everywhere, and even a short trip can have disastrous consequences. Despite laws restricting texting and driving and ongoing public interest campaigns about the dangers of distraction, people still choose to continue to engage in these risky behaviors while behind the wheel.

Statistics indicate around 3,000 people die each year in accidents caused by distracted driving. These numbers don't actually provide an accurate picture concerning the scope of the problem. When factoring in the number of people who suffer injuries in distracted driving accidents and those who had close calls, it is clear that this issue affects many more people than data may suggest.