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Buying older residential real estate property

Buying a home in Louisiana is a major purchase that can have significant financial and legal implications in the buyer's life. It is beneficial for a potential buyer to proceed thoughtfully and carefully through this process, especially if the property is older. Older residential real estate can be unique and come with a lot of character, but it can also come with a lot of problems as well.

Before signing a contract, a buyer will want to make sure to do a lead test on the property. The presence of lead could be hazardous, and if found, there are certain mitigating steps that need to be done. The buyer will also want to make sure there is a thorough investigation of the plumbing. Older homes may come with clay pipes or pipes that need to be replaced. This is costly and complicated to do, especially once a problem arises.

Avoiding personal injury incidents during holiday travel season

Bad drivers are everywhere, including on the road in Louisiana. In just one trip to the grocery store or morning commute, a person will probably notice people doing things like texting, eating or putting on makeup while driving. Unfortunately, there are more bad drivers on the road during the holiday season, and this can lead to an increased chance of a personal injury incident.

Most people who have bad driving habits are reluctant to admit they do. People are often unaware or unconcerned with how dangerous their actions behind the wheel can be, and the result is often an accident that leaves innocent people seriously or fatally injured. This happens more often than most people realize. Approximately one million people die in car accidents each year and tens of millions suffer injuries in crashes.

Is it smart to buy residential real estate during the holidays?

No matter the time of year, buying a home is a major decision. Because this is a critical financial and legal transaction, Louisiana buyers may be hesitant to move forward with a residential real estate purchase during the holiday season. It is a busy time of year, but there are many reasons why it can still be a smart move to try and finalize a purchase before the end of the year. 

One of the main reasons why it could make sense to try and buy a home before the end of the year is because there will be less competition from other people looking for homes. Most people are not going to house shop during the holidays unless it is a necessity. This may also mean that sellers will be more likely to negotiate and work with a potential buyer when there are not as many people trying to make an offer.

Do you need a home inspection of a newly constructed home?

Did you ever think you would have the chance to purchase a home that no one else has ever lived in? Perhaps you jumped at the chance to own a newly constructed home. As you begin the due diligence process, someone may have mentioned that you don't really need a home inspection since it's a new construction.

Don't believe it. You do need a home inspection of a newly constructed home. They can have defects just like any other home if for no other reason than peace of mind.

Is it a bad time to make a residential real estate purchase?

It can be an exciting time to buy a home or a second residential property, but buyers are often left wondering whether it's a good time to move forward with such an important step. Anyone in Louisiana considering this type of purchase will find it beneficial to do the appropriate research on the current residential real estate market. Right now, there are many people who do not think it is a good time to buy a home for various reasons. 

Currently, only 21% of Americans think that it is a good time buy a home. In addition to this, only around 41% of people think it is a good time to sell a home. One of the main issues right now is affordability, meaning that fewer people think they can afford the home they want at a fair price. Additionally, fewer people think they would be able to get their desired asking price out of their home.

Can artificial intelligence prevent personal injury incidents?

There are many reasons why car accidents happen, but one of the leading causes is human error. When humans make mistakes behind the wheel, innocent people can suffer, even if it was just a minor mistake. This is one reason why some companies are looking beyond human intelligence to prevent personal injury incidents on Louisiana roads and turning instead to artificial intelligence. It is possible this could play a role in reducing the overall number of accidents.

One company claims it has found the right solution for integrating technology into vehicles that will help drivers make better choices. An AI system built into a vehicle will learn a driver's behaviors over time, eventually figuring out what is normal and what is not. When a driver exhibits a behavior or action that is out of the ordinary, the car will alert the driver.

Residential real estate purchases for investment purposes

Buying a home in Louisiana is an exciting step for an individual who is ready to relocate to a new house or become a homeowner for the first time. Residential real estate is a significant purchase, and a person would be wise to proceed carefully through this process. There are specific things one may consider if he or she is buying a home to live in or for investment purchases.

Owning real estate for investment reasons is a legitimate way to earn money. Not everyone who does this is successful, as it can take skill, experience and knowledge to do this well. If a person buys a house for the purpose of reselling it for a profit later or for rental purposes, one practical consideration is to look past the sales comps. It's important to look at things such as cost of repairs, rent costs in the neighborhood and other variables.

Laws may not stop personal injury incidents due to distraction

Across the country, many states have implemented laws that are supposed to discourage drivers from operating a vehicle while distracted. Despite these laws, people continue to use their phones, and distracted driving continues to be a leading cause of car accidents in Louisiana and everywhere else. It is not clear if legislation can have a meaningful impact on the rate of personal injury incidents due to distraction.

For many drivers, the temptation of looking at a phone is impossible to resist. Whether it's a text notification, looking at Facebook or reading an email, taking the eyes of the road for even a second or two can result in devastating consequences. There is significant danger when a driver is inattentive, yet people may have a false sense of security because of state distracted driving laws. 

What happens when a person dies without a will?

After a loved one passes away, you may find yourself with more things to take care of than you anticipated. You may need to settle that persons estate, which can include things like closing accounts, selling the house and figuring out what is going to happen to his or her stuff. This is not an easy process, and it can be even more complicated if that person did not have a will.

When a person dies without having a will, state laws will determine what is going to happen to the estate. This is passing away intestate, which is passing away with no valid will. Even in the intestate process, you and other beneficiaries will have to go through the probate process to finalize the estate. If you are facing this process, you will find it beneficial to secure legal help as you try and protect your interests and those of the estate. 

Residential real estate considerations when buying a condo

There are many homebuyers in Louisiana who prefer housing options besides a single family home, such as a condo. If a person is thinking about buying a condo, there are specific things he or she may want to consider before moving forward. Any type of residential real estate transaction has the potential to be complex, and there are specific issues that are sometimes unique to buying a condo.

Condos are a popular option for buyers for many reasons. Condo residents don't have to worry about lawn maintenance, but they have more space than available in many apartments. One important factor for many potential condo buyers to consider is how their financing could potentially be affected if they are not buying a traditional home. Knowing this beforehand can help a buyer avoid possible problems during the loan process.