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Reckless behavior leads to fatal personal injury incident

A driver who needlessly endangers someone through reckless choices is typically financially responsible for serious or fatal injuries that result. Recently, a fatal personal injury incident occurred when two brothers decided to drag race on a Louisiana street. One ended up crashing into the other, and the collision also took the life of an innocent bicyclist who happened to be in the area.

One of the drivers died in the crash, too. After the impact, the cars veered off the road where they hit a power pole and also struck the victim on the bicycle. The tragic consequences of the decision to speed and drive recklessly will be felt by two different families. There is no excuse for drag racing on any road, no matter the time of day or how many other vehicles are on the road.

Cyclists are particularly vulnerable to the impact of a moving vehicle. Even the low-speed impact of a passenger vehicle hitting a person on a bike will likely result in serious or fatal injury. It is the responsibility of every Louisiana driver to make smart choices and not needlessly endanger others sharing the road.

When a Louisiana driver negligently or recklessly causes another person’s injury or untimely death, it may be appropriate for the victim or family members to seek damages through a civil claim. While a personal injury or wrongful death claim cannot reverse what happened, it can provide the opportunity to recoup financial losses and start putting the pieces back together. It is also a way to gain some measure of justice against an individual whose reckless actions caused such devastating results.