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I’m buying a house. Should I get help with title examination?

Whenever you’re buying a house, one of the things you need to be sure to do is to look into the title. The title should be clear before you purchase the property.

A title has to be free and clear, because that means that your transaction is legitimate. It firmly establishes who the property owner is after the property changes hands. Title companies need to do a title search to make sure there are no claims or liens against the property before the title will be called a “clear title.”

A clear title shows that the owner of the property has the right to sell it to you in a legal transaction. If the title isn’t clear and you purchase the property anyway, you could end up facing legal issues in the future. In fact, if you purchase a property with a clouded title and there is a problem in the future, you could be forced out of your home.

This has happened before in cases where someone purchased a home without checking the title and later discovered that the seller had no right to sell the property. The original owner stepped forward, and then the buyer was left in a difficult position with no home to their name due to fraud.

You need to get help with title examination to prevent legal issues later

It is very wise to get help with the title examination, because you want to be absolutely positive that there is nothing on the title that could harm you after a purchase.

It’s possible to work with an experienced real estate attorney to make sure that your potential purchase’s title is completely free and clear. Your attorney will make sure to comb through the title and do the searches necessary to be certain that there are no liens or other issues that could lead to problems later.

Doing a title search should be a priority before you buy any property. If you don’t do one now, you could come to regret it in the future when problems with back taxes, fraud or other issues arise.