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Laws may not stop personal injury incidents due to distraction

Across the country, many states have implemented laws that are supposed to discourage drivers from operating a vehicle while distracted. Despite these laws, people continue to use their phones, and distracted driving continues to be a leading cause of car accidents in Louisiana and everywhere else. It is not clear if legislation can have a meaningful impact on the rate of personal injury incidents due to distraction.

What happens when a person dies without a will?

After a loved one passes away, you may find yourself with more things to take care of than you anticipated. You may need to settle that persons estate, which can include things like closing accounts, selling the house and figuring out what is going to happen to his or her stuff. This is not an easy process, and it can be even more complicated if that person did not have a will.

Residential real estate considerations when buying a condo

There are many homebuyers in Louisiana who prefer housing options besides a single family home, such as a condo. If a person is thinking about buying a condo, there are specific things he or she may want to consider before moving forward. Any type of residential real estate transaction has the potential to be complex, and there are specific issues that are sometimes unique to buying a condo.

Potential problems with commercial real estate transactions

When a business buys a building or rents a space for company needs, there are particular legal and financial issues that have the potential to cause serious trouble in the future. It is worthwhile for any Louisiana company to do its due diligence in order to avoid problems with any type of commercial real estate transaction. It is beneficial to do this before finalizing the transaction, as it is often more difficult to address complications after the process is final.