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Reckless behavior leads to fatal personal injury incident

A driver who needlessly endangers someone through reckless choices is typically financially responsible for serious or fatal injuries that result. Recently, a fatal personal injury incident occurred when two brothers decided to drag race on a Louisiana street. One ended up crashing into the other, and the collision also took the life of an innocent bicyclist who happened to be in the area.

Considerations for investors buying residential real estate

Buying real estate is a major financial investment, and it's in the interests of the buyer to be certain before moving forward with this type of transaction. When considering a residential real estate purchase, there are certain things a buyer may want to consider in order to avoid potentially expensive complications down the road. Investors buying property in Louisiana always assume some risk, but doing research and proceeding cautiously can limit exposure.

Is the seller of your dream home trying to back out of the deal?

Buying a home can be an exciting but stressful experience. You may have enjoyed the adventure of trying to come across the perfect home at first, but after the weeks went by, you may have become more frustrated by not finding the home of your dreams. Then, just as you wanted to give up hope, you found the home you wanted.

Is it time to invest in residential real estate?

While most people buy homes in Louisiana for residential purposes, others may buy them for investment reasons. Buying residential real estate is often a profitable way to invest and protect money, but a potential investor will find it beneficial to do sufficient research before putting up a significant amount of money. Like with any type of investment plan, there is a certain amount of risk involved with this.

Changing the way people talk about personal injury incidents

People often refer to collisions involving motor vehicles as accidents. Car accidents happen for many reasons, but there are some who believe that using the word accident is problematic. Some safety advocates believe that people should instead use the term traffic violence instead. There may be some reason to believe that changing the way people talk about personal injury incidents can actually lead to safer roads.