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Is it smart to purchase residential real estate with a friend?

Buying a home can be an exciting step for a Louisiana resident. But is it a smart move if the plan is to make the purchase with a friend? Making this kind of residential real estate purchase allows for at least two people to share the expense and upkeep of a property. This choice is popular with regard to weekend homes, vacation properties or rental properties. Before taking this step, there are a few things to consider in order to protect one's interests.

Buying commercial real estate for the rental property potential

Owning rental property can be a beneficial step for Louisiana business owners, but it's prudent to be cautious and careful when making this type of investment. Buying commercial real estate property is a significant financial decision, and a person will want to be sure to get a good return on the property or building. There are a few smart steps that a person can take to maximize the rent potential in rental property.

Weather is responsible for many personal injury accidents

In certain types of weather, it can be extremely difficult to drive safely. While Louisiana does not often experience freezing temperatures, sleet or snow, it does get its fair share of rain throughout the year. And wet roadways are one the of the leading causes of personal injury accidents on roads and highways throughout the country. 

Do you leave enough space when driving near 18-wheelers?

A motorcyclist from Baton Rouge was recently killed in a brutal collision with an 18-wheeler. The truck driver allegedly hit the motorcyclist multiple times before running him over. According to a news report, the truck driver claimed he did not see the motorcyclist or even realize right away that he had hit someone. However, a different news article suggests the collision may have been intentional.

Succession law experience important after an unexpected death

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, it can cause significant problems for loved ones left behind, especially if the decedent not have a will or did not leave any instructions regarding his or her Louisiana estate. Families who are grieving will then have to navigate complex legal concerns at the same time. It's smart for people who are either planning for the future or trying to settle a loved one's estate to speak with someone with experience in succession law.

Avoiding problems in a residential real estate purchase

Buying a home in Louisiana is one of the most important purchases a person will make in his or her lifetime. It is a major step, and before moving forward, a potential buyer will want to be sure that he or she is aware of potential pitfalls. Understanding the common mistakes that many first-time buyers make can help a person avoid complications in his or her own residential real estate purchase.