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Weather is responsible for many personal injury accidents

In certain types of weather, it can be extremely difficult to drive safely. While Louisiana does not often experience freezing temperatures, sleet or snow, it does get its fair share of rain throughout the year. And wet roadways are one the of the leading causes of personal injury accidents on roads and highways throughout the country. 

Wet roads are responsible for a significant number of accidents throughout the year. U.S. Department of Transportation statistics indicate that over 1.2 million auto accidents every year are related to weather conditions, particularly rain. Weather is responsible for around 5,000 vehicular deaths and 418,000 injuries annually. Bad weather conditions and precipitation are significant threats to the well-being of all motorists. 

Most drivers are aware of the fact that bad weather makes it more likely that an accident will occur. This includes snowy weather, rain and much more. Despite this knowledge, people often fail to allow for enough space between vehicles and act recklessly, even while the weather is less than ideal. Bad choices behind the wheel increase the chance of a crash, especially when the roads are slick and visibility is low.

While Louisiana drivers cannot control the actions of others, they can take certain steps when another person’s actions cause them harm. If a driver causes an accident in the rain, he or she may be financially responsible for harm done to others. Through a personal injury claim, a victim may be able to recoup his or her financial losses and secure the support necessary for recovery efforts.