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Succession law experience important after an unexpected death

When a loved one dies unexpectedly, it can cause significant problems for loved ones left behind, especially if the decedent not have a will or did not leave any instructions regarding his or her Louisiana estate. Families who are grieving will then have to navigate complex legal concerns at the same time. It’s smart for people who are either planning for the future or trying to settle a loved one’s estate to speak with someone with experience in succession law.

Recently, a man who owned and operated a small business passed away unexpectedly. It left his family trying to figure out what to do with his company. They did not know whether they should sell or how they could keep it going, as he did not have any plans in place regarding the succession of his business. While the family was able to keep the company open, it was a legally and financially complicated process. 

There are various laws that determine what happens to a person’s Louisiana estate after he or she passes away without a will. When a family has to navigate the complexities of settling an estate alone, it can be costly, stressful and take a lot of time. When a business owner passes away with no plans in place, it can affect loved ones, clients, employees and many others. 

Succession is a complex legal issue. A person or family dealing with related legal matters will find significant benefit in working with an experienced attorney from start to finish. With guidance, it is possible to seek a positive resolution to all remaining estate issues.