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Speeding and the increased chance of a personal injury incident

When a Louisiana driver is operating a vehicle, that person is responsible for making safe choices. This includes driving according to the speed limit and following traffic laws. When a person is speeding, there is a significantly increased chance of a personal injury incident that could cause harm to others. Speeding is common, and people overlook the risk associated with this type of dangerous behavior. 

In the United States each year, approximately 36,000 people lose their lives in accidents caused by speeding. This number is significantly higher than those associated with aviation accidents, yet traffic fatalities don’t get the same amount of recognition. One way to make the roads safer for everyone is to slow down and abide by the speed limit. This action alone can reduce the overall number of accidents.

The faster a car is moving at the time of a collision, the more likely it is that serious injuries will occur. For example, if a person is hit when a vehicle is moving at 20 mph, that person has a 90% chance of surviving. But when a person is hit by a vehicle moving at 40 mph, the chances of survival decrease to 10%. Speeding leads to more car accidents, but it is also particularly dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians.

When people in Louisiana suffer injuries and financial losses as a result of a speeding driver, they do not have to suffer alone. Victims may have grounds to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. While this cannot reverse the damage done, it may allow a person to recoup his or her financial losses and move forward after a traumatic event.