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Reducing personal injury incidents due to distracted teen drivers

Teen drivers often have a reputation for making poor choices behind the wheel. As Louisiana readers know, younger drivers are more prone to reckless behavior and choices that result from inexperience. In many cases, teens are more likely than other demographics to engage in distracted driving. It’s important to educate young drivers and promote safety in order to reduce personal injury incidents caused by distracted driving.

Parents can do a lot to help their children understand the importance of safety behind the wheel. One way to prevent distracted driving is to have kids turn on their cellphones’ automatic responses while driving. This makes it less likely that they will check their phones and that they will feel compelled to respond to a text. There are also apps, such as one called Hum by Verizon, that can track acceleration, braking and other behaviors so that parents can see what their kids are doing while driving.

Teens can may also benefit from using online resources, education videos and other things found on the internet to learn more about the dangers of distracted driving. Louisiana parents can also talk to them about bad habits as they are teaching them how to drive, and they can strive to exhibit good behaviors themselves. Setting good examples can have a major impact.

Personal injury incidents caused by distracted driving occur with alarming frequency. Anything that parents can do to educate their teen drivers and promote safety is beneficial. If an individual is the victim of this type of negligent behavior, he or she may want to explore available legal options, no matter the age of the driver.