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Reckless behavior leads to fatal personal injury incident

A driver who needlessly endangers someone through reckless choices is typically financially responsible for serious or fatal injuries that result. Recently, a fatal personal injury incident occurred when two brothers decided to drag race on a Louisiana street. One ended up crashing into the other, and the collision also took the life of an innocent bicyclist who happened to be in the area.

Changing the way people talk about personal injury incidents

People often refer to collisions involving motor vehicles as accidents. Car accidents happen for many reasons, but there are some who believe that using the word accident is problematic. Some safety advocates believe that people should instead use the term traffic violence instead. There may be some reason to believe that changing the way people talk about personal injury incidents can actually lead to safer roads.

Speeding and the increased chance of a personal injury incident

When a Louisiana driver is operating a vehicle, that person is responsible for making safe choices. This includes driving according to the speed limit and following traffic laws. When a person is speeding, there is a significantly increased chance of a personal injury incident that could cause harm to others. Speeding is common, and people overlook the risk associated with this type of dangerous behavior. 

Safety features in cars may lead to personal injury incidents

A recent study found that many of the features that come in newer vehicles may actually lead to a higher chance of car accident. This is because drivers who use things like automatic braking and adaptive cruise control may have a false sense of security about their likelihood of being involved in a personal injury incident. Studies find that these drivers are twice as likely to engage in distracted behavior while behind the wheel. 

Personal injury incidents due to distracted driving a major issue

Driving down the road, a Louisiana driver could probably point out drivers who are not paying complete attention to what they are doing. Distracted driving remains a personal injury risk everywhere, and even a short trip can have disastrous consequences. Despite laws restricting texting and driving and ongoing public interest campaigns about the dangers of distraction, people still choose to continue to engage in these risky behaviors while behind the wheel.

Avoiding personal injury incidents during holiday travel season

Bad drivers are everywhere, including on the road in Louisiana. In just one trip to the grocery store or morning commute, a person will probably notice people doing things like texting, eating or putting on makeup while driving. Unfortunately, there are more bad drivers on the road during the holiday season, and this can lead to an increased chance of a personal injury incident.

Can artificial intelligence prevent personal injury incidents?

There are many reasons why car accidents happen, but one of the leading causes is human error. When humans make mistakes behind the wheel, innocent people can suffer, even if it was just a minor mistake. This is one reason why some companies are looking beyond human intelligence to prevent personal injury incidents on Louisiana roads and turning instead to artificial intelligence. It is possible this could play a role in reducing the overall number of accidents.

Laws may not stop personal injury incidents due to distraction

Across the country, many states have implemented laws that are supposed to discourage drivers from operating a vehicle while distracted. Despite these laws, people continue to use their phones, and distracted driving continues to be a leading cause of car accidents in Louisiana and everywhere else. It is not clear if legislation can have a meaningful impact on the rate of personal injury incidents due to distraction.

Personal injury incidents and distracted teen drivers

When a teen is finally old enough to get behind the wheel of a car and drive himself or herself places, it can be a time of great excitement and independence. Louisiana parents may also rejoice at the fact that they no longer have to shuttle their kids from place to place. This is a big step, and it is one that comes with an immense amount of responsibility. Parents should work carefully to teach their kids well in hope of reducing personal injury incidents involving distracted teen drivers.

Reducing personal injury incidents due to distracted teen drivers

Teen drivers often have a reputation for making poor choices behind the wheel. As Louisiana readers know, younger drivers are more prone to reckless behavior and choices that result from inexperience. In many cases, teens are more likely than other demographics to engage in distracted driving. It's important to educate young drivers and promote safety in order to reduce personal injury incidents caused by distracted driving.