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Zoning laws and their impact on commercial real estate matters

When a person buys a piece of Louisiana property for commercial development, there is more involved than simply buying the land and breaking ground. Zoning laws can significantly impact commercial real estate plans, and it’s smart to know about these things before moving forward. Current property owners and potential owners would be wise to learn about the zoning designation for their land.

Zoning classifications determine how specific properties can be used. The government has the right to distinguish how certain types of land can be developed for the purpose of protecting land value and keeping certain types of property in the same area. For example, zoning laws are what keep industrial buildings and gas stations from going up in the middle of a residential street.

These laws also affect how property can be developed. For example, it can determine how tall a commercial structure can be, how close it can be to the road and even what the outside of the building looks like. Of course, zoning also determines how specific pieces of land are developed. Rezoning does sometimes happen, and areas that used to be residential can be zoned for commercial use.

The purchase of commercial real estate or Louisiana land for commercial development is a significant investment. Before making this purchase, a person would benefit from considering how zoning laws and how they may hinder plans for developing the land at some point in the future. In some situations, it is appropriate to challenge zoning laws. No matter what a person’s property concerns are, he or she will find significant benefit in seeking guidance from an experienced real estate attorney.