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Rain increases chances of fatal personal injury incidents

When Louisiana weather is bad, the chances of a car accident increase significantly. Accidents are more likely in the rain, and recent studies indicate that even small amounts of rain increase the chance of fatal personal injury incidents. Drivers often underestimate the danger of driving recklessly in the rain. 

A recent study indicates that the chance of a fatal car accident increases by as much as 34% when it is raining. The chance of a fatal accident increases by as much as 27% in even light rain or short rain showers. This means that even small amounts of rain should be taken seriously, and drivers should exercise caution even if it is only sprinkling. 

Statistics also indicate that the risk of traffic accidents is higher when the weather is bad during rush hour traffic times or during the winter. Every Louisiana driver is responsible for making safe choices while behind the wheel, no matter the weather, season or time of day. It is critical to practice caution in times when the weather is bad, as it is clear that even a small amount of rain can lead to devastating consequences. 

If a person suffers injury in an accident that happened when the weather was bad, it is likely that more than just wet roads was to blame. Another driver’s recklessness or negligent behavior may have led to the accident, and the victim has the right to seek compensation through a personal injury claim. An evaluation of the individual case can reveal what legal options may be available.