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Why are pit bulls considered dangerous?

Dogs have the potential to be loveable creatures or fierce attackers depending on the situation. Most of the time, dogs are trained and have spent a considerable amount of time with their owners. However, some dogs have more of an inclination to display unyielding aggression than others.

Pit bulls have a historically bad reputation along with other breeds, such as: rottweilers, German shepherds, and doberman pinschers. Headlines of dog bites often cite pit bulls as the culprit on many occasions. Young children and unsuspecting adults may become the latest victim of a serious dog bite injury.

Aggressive breed

Pit bulls are naturally less tolerant of other dogs around them. They could perceive a small child as an unknown threat as well. Their tenacity and strength make them great dogs for those types of opportunities, but not when it involves another human being. Pit bulls may fight to the death with another animal or person they have set their focus upon. Pit bulls do not relent easily.

Ownership consequences

Because pit bulls are considered dangerous in many cities and counties, dog owners must be careful. The likelihood of these types of dogs getting into a fight with another dog is high, and with another human is also more common than with other breeds. Some owners face difficulty when trying to find a place to rent and even higher insurance amounts.

Dog owners enjoy many benefits of having a favorite animal by their side. However, you must know the consequences for owning a pit bull. Serious dog bites have led to expensive lawsuits, and even wrongful death. You don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law when and if your dog decides to bite and never let go.