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The importance of parents role-modeling safe driving habits

It appears everyone everywhere is on their cell phones– in line at the grocery store, walking down the street, elevators, and more. Kids are growing up in a society that is fixated with their phones and the many apps, social sites, texting, and photos at their disposal. Not only do many kids have the bad habit of cell phone addiction, but the parents as well.

Parents who are constantly on their phones are ignoring the presence of their children. And when children grow up, they often copy the behavior their parents modeled—whether good or bad. This applies to driving behavior as well. Parents who are on their phones while driving are sending their kids the wrong message about acceptable driving practices.

Safe driving needs to be modeled

Parents can’t expect their kids to put down the phone when they see their parents on their phones while driving. Teen drivers need as much reinforcement when it comes to safe driving as ever. You don’t know how many people are on their phones instead of driving when you venture out onto the road. It might surprise you to see most people are on their phones. Some might be using the GPS, texting, talking, checking email, or on Facebook all while navigating the roads. Parents need to be the example of how safe driving looks and instill this habit in their loved ones.

Don’t risk their lives either

Not only does driving while on the cell phone risk the lives and safety of those around you, but also your passengers as well. Many times, young parents are distracted on their phones while they have their young children riding in the back. It is not safe for anyone to have a distracted driver, while also modeling this behavior to their loved ones.

Smart parents don’t take chances. The risk is too high when you have another generation to raise and display the rules of the road to. Plus, you wouldn’t want that guilt on your hands either should anything bad happen that you could have prevented through your example.