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Reducing personal injury incidents involving motorcycles

Motorcycles have the right to share the road with other types of vehicles, but unfortunately, not every Louisiana motorist has the same perspective. Whether it is through reckless driving, distraction or speeding, the actions of drivers can have a direct impact on the personal safety and well-being of a biker. When drivers do not make good decisions or do not respect motorcycles, it can result in serious or fatal personal injury incidents.

A significant number of motorcycle accidents take place at intersections. This may be because drivers sometimes find it difficult to perceive how close a bike is or how fast the motorcycle may be traveling, or perhaps a driver is simply not paying attention. Some drivers think that bikers are reckless and dangerous, but statistics indicate that the majority of motorcycle accidents happen because of the actions of drivers of enclosed vehicles, not those on bikes. 

Awareness is a significant step in reducing the overall number of motorcycle accidents. Car drivers that turn directly in front of a motorcycle are obviously a hazard, but so are drivers that do not accelerate or decelerate appropriately in order to reduce the possibility of a crash. Drivers can also help keep the roads safe by looking for motorcycles, giving them plenty of space and checking their side or rear mirrors regularly.

When a Louisiana driver causes an accident that results in the injury of a biker, the victim may have grounds to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. Drivers are responsible for their actions behind the wheel, and a biker may be able to hold negligent parties accountable for damages and financial losses. A complete evaluation of the individual case can help an accident victim understand his or her legal options.