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Personal injury claim may be option for dog bite victims

A dog bite can leave a child with physical injuries and emotional trauma that can affect him or her for a long time. It is important to know what to do in the event of an animal attack. In some circumstances, victims of these types of incidents in Louisiana have grounds to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. 

While a stray dog or new animal may bite without warning, many dog bites happen with animals that are familiar to the children. In some cases, dogs demonstrate certain behaviors that could indicate they are distressed and may lash out. This includes yawning excessively, licking their lips repeatedly, trying to escape human contact or growling. Recognizing these signs can go a long way in helping to avoid a serious injury.

Statistics indicate that half of all American children will experience a dog bite by the time they reach the age of 12. Over 800,000 doctor visits are made every year by people needing help after an animal attack, and approximately half of these are children. Sadly, many dog bites are unprovoked and the result of negligent supervision or allowing a dog with a history of aggression to be around children. 

If a person is the victim of a dog bite, it’s usually possible to take immediate action. A Louisiana parent can do so on behalf of his or her injured child. If the pet owner or another party appears responsible for the traumatic incident, it may be appropriate to move forward with a personal injury claim. A complete evaluation of the case will reveal if this is an option.