Louisiana Succession Laws Are Complex — Get The Help You Need

When a family member dies, the last things you want to worry about are legal issues pertaining to his or her property and other assets. Louisiana has strict and complex laws for succession, often referred to as probate in other states. An experienced lawyer can handle the succession in a timely and proficient manner, allowing you and your family time to grieve and move on with your lives.

If you are in circumstances similar to those above, I can help. For more than 40 years, I have provided honest legal advice and skilled guidance to clients throughout Southwest Louisiana. As your attorney, I will guide you through the succession process as efficiently and effectively as possible. My goal is to ensure property and assets are distributed in accordance with the loved one's will or, if there is no will, according to state law.

Help For Even The Most Complex Successions

In Louisiana, property is distributed differently depending on if the succession is testate or intestate. In testate succession, assets and rights are distributed through wishes stated in a will. For intestate succession, there is no valid will, which can become much more complicated. According to state law, property is distributed to the closest surviving relatives, which is determined by a specific order of inheritance.

Given my years of experience and wealth of knowledge, I am prepared to handle both testate and intestate successions. This includes those that are contested by an heir or other family member. These cases may have to go to court. If this becomes necessary, I am fully able to represent your interests.

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